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Nouveau 解禁、2010年もとてもおいしいNouveau でした。
     ↓以下はNouveau の豊作、不作の現象はこんなことによっても起こる、という Story です。

Wine lovers around the world can breathe a sigh of relief. Despite fears of a serious shortage this year, Le Beaujolais Nouveau is about to arrive after all.
The most famous celebration in the wine industry's calendar traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November when, just after midnight, corks are popped to allow connoisseurs their first official taste of the new French vintage.


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In August it was reported that a booming economy had left vineyards struggling to attract the 40,000 casual workers they needed to harvest the Gamay grapes used to produce the wine.
It was thought this year's supply could be seriously affected as a result, but those fears proved unfounded.
"There was never a shortage of grapes -- just a shortage of grape pickers, " said Armelle Touillaud, from the Union Interprofessionelle des Vins du Beaujolais, which represents the region's growers.
"After the publicity in the summer people came forward, the grapes were harvested and the problem was solved."


In fact vintners claim this, the first Nouveau of the millennium, is just about as good as it gets.
Following a particularly warm and sunny spring, the grapes began to ripen sooner than usual, resulting in the earliest harvest in 30 years, starting on August 28. September was another dry, sunny month -- perfect conditions for grape picking.

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It is produced in a hurry and is meant to be drunk within weeks of appearing. The quality of Beaujolais Nouveau also varies dramatically from year to year. But there is no doubt that Nouveau is important to the vintners of the Beaujolais region, around the city of Lyon in eastern France. It accounts for a third of all wine produced there.


Around 60 million bottles of will be released on Thursday with approximately half of it being exported.
Germany is the most important foreign market, followed, in order, by Switzerland, the U.S., Japan and Britain.
Always on the lookout for new buyers, the wine producers are this year launching Beaujolais Nouveau in South Korea, where the recent economic upturn has led to an increase in wine consumption.
There are plans to expand further into the Far East.

But, business aside, the wine is seen as something to celebrate. In France two important festivals are taking place throughout Wednesday night and into Thursday morning at Beaujeu and Tarare, in the Beaujolais region.
Last year they attracted visitors from more than 15 countries.
And for those not able to make it to France, restaurants and wine shops as far apart as Seoul, Moscow, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and London will be announcing "Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive" come Thursday.

vivid words & expression

connoisseurs = wine関連で頻繁に出てくるword / expertよりは雰囲気を出せる
vineyard = owner / cf. vintner = businessman
grape pickers = こういうと妙に軽い響きである
ritual = ceremony
denounce = 非難する



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