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This item is created by their kind assistance,

Ms. Lauren, lives in Canton⇒ You will skip to Ms. Lauren's blog

 ⇒ via Ms.若离 who sometimes gave me her message on my blog here. You will skip to Ms.若离's blog

Ms. Lauren understands Chinese, English and French. Also, Ms.若离 understands Chinese, English and Japanese! How coooool, both are! ( "cooool " is their style of expression!)

Valen Hsu in English = 許茹芸(Xu Ru Yun) who is the most popular singer in Taiwan nowadays, sings Femine song, ♪Hao Ting ( = 好听 ) ♪ , which you can listen on the top page of Ms. Lauren's blog. Kindly, Ms. Lauren answered names of singer & song for my question at her blog for which I thank you very much.

Here, you watch ♪Hao Ting ( = 好听 )♪ ♪Hao Ting ( = 好听 )♪ by Valen Hsu

   ♪喜歡♪ Vocal & Piano by Valen Hsu ( Live version )
♪喜歡♪ Vocal & Piano by Valen Hsu ( Live version )

     Shen Yuan ?茹芸 深渊 ( in English/Chinese)     海裡來的沙 - 許茹芸&?嘉千( talking on TV in Chinese )



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Leo, so glad to see your post of this song~ I say, it's such a beautiful coicidence that the song brought me to get to know such you. You are such a fantastic music fan that everybody will enjoy your music recommended
2007/08/26 21:15
oh, I have to say it's a small world~~
when sister Lauren meets Leo, hehe, 好听maybe from Ms.Valen Hsu's latest album, and her style has been changed from passionate and persistent to tender and gentle,her former works meaned a lot to me, anyhow, the new style not a negative choice either coz her agent company changed yet~~
2007/08/28 00:46
Am very happy to get in touch with you through a beautiful song and also it's much assistance to know Taiwan, China , etc. since know a little Taiwan, China, etc. as couldn't understand Chinese well.

-- to be continued (500 letters capacity here)
2007/08/28 00:46
Visited Taipei a few times, Hong Kong nearly 10 times. Only once dropped in Beijing before. Even 10 times closely stayed a few days per 1 time almost on business. After business trip through Europe, I drop in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong 〜 such is my style. Privatedly stayed only 2 times from Tokyo directly so that I don't know well "Chinese concerned".
2007/08/28 00:49
Would you tell me which city you live in "Canton", near Shanghai or so ? for my further reference.
I live in Tokyo, Japan.

As for music in my blog, am glad to hear you enjoy so much. Please visit my blog again!

Thanks, Ms. Lauren!
2007/08/28 00:49
as to the foreign language, I'm just have interested in and know a little.
errrrrrrrr, I'd like to say good night to Leo and may you have a good dream tonight(more exactly tommorrow morning)~~
2007/08/28 00:50
hehe, she lives neat to me la, Canton maybe from Cantonese in E, that refers to Guangdong Province in China
2007/08/28 00:52
Thanks message, Ms.若离.
Ms. Lauren is your sister?? I'm very surprised you are so close relation!!

And your news concerning Valen Hsu is much asssitance, did she sing so passionated ones before?? Will check them soon.

I prefer like to listen new tender singing style.

2007/08/28 00:55

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